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Winter summary

Zain Nensey
Week 4, Entry 2

4. My winter break was a boring one- I did virtually nothing but work and relax, despite how contradictory that may seem. I sold quite a few knives in my sales work- about $3000 worth, which was pretty good for me. In a way, that work was relaxing as well, because it is such a fun job. Add on the fact that I got a bunch of doctors as recommendations at the end of the break, and I have been making some serious money since. It is a fun way to make a living for a college system. The time I spent when I wasn’t working was also fun in the way that most things are fun- I played video games, sometimes against friends, and occasionally went out with my friends and played football. It was, overall, a rather enjoyable, especially because I’m a fanatic football fan, and often dissect plays from the comfort of my armchair, especially when the offense comes out onto the field. All the shifts and changes make game a complex yet entertaining game, since they can so often result in game-changing plays. People often call football players stupid. That most certainly is not true-football is like a mixed course of history, psychology, and study skills. A stupid person most certainly could not be a good football player. It is not history in the traditional sense- it is history of a group of people who have come together with a common goal- to be better than the other team, and to be better by doing certain things. Psychology helps figure out how a person can work- in any thing, if a person can get inside your head, its over. Roger Federer wins not just because he is a fantastic tennis player- he wins because he can intimidate any one on the other side of the court in a way that no other athlete can. Study skills are important in the other two aspects of football because without knowing what to look for, why do you bother looking? Stuff like this is what made my winter break interesting.

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