Person of truth

Are you guys angry yet? Are you angry over the misuses of power that our adminstration has taken. Are you angry that no one is holding anyone accountable any more? Why is it that we elected the Democrats, yet the Democrats went on to just keep funding this war and refusing to put up a serious fight for a time table to withdraw from Iraq? I’ll tell you why. It’s because the vast majority of them are slimeballs who are as controlled by corporate interests in this country as the Republicans are. But there are a few spots of hope, and one of them shines brightly in my eyes. Who is this character, you ask? Who is this man who wants to hold the government accountable for actions undertaken that quite possibly are illegal? Who is this man who wants to ensure that all people have health care? Who is this man who is the true definition of PRO-LIFE? I’ll tell you who this man is. His name is Dennis Kucinich. I strongly suggest you vote for him in the primaries, and the caucuses. Oh, and if you have some money to spare, please donate this Friday so that VOICES OF TRUTH are heard.

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