The 2007 Bush Budget

Week 5, Entry #2
Zain Nensey

Bush’s new budget, which was released recently, is actually a decent budget for once. However, it still focuses too much on the military. According an article on CNN, the new article will get an eleven percent increase in its budget, which is the highest of any for any department. However, this [...]


Week 5, Blog Entry #1
Zain Nensey

4. Polls help determine public opinion on a subject. Our obsession with polls is to help us go with the flow, since the general consensus today is to go with the flow as to seem more normal. For example, look at the public opinion polls that our President goes through [...]

Winter summary

Zain Nensey
Week 4, Entry 2

4. My winter break was a boring one- I did virtually nothing but work and relax, despite how contradictory that may seem. I sold quite a few knives in my sales work- about $3000 worth, which was pretty good for me. In a way, that work was relaxing as well, [...]