A New Era… Fifty Years Ago

Week 8, Entry 2

The message of this ad- get ready for a new era of communications, because it’s coming, and it’s coming fast. The people who made this ad are trying to appeal to everyone by making a claim that soon, television will be spread throughout this world, and it will change the way in which people think and react, and also live. They make this claim with the prediction that it soon will be in the classrooms, the living rooms, and in many other places. This DuMont company then has created a need by making it hip to own a TV. The TV was spurred on by some war, likely World War II, and now people should be ready to embrace a well designed technology wholeheartedly. Now the advertisement is trying to get you to buy one of their TVs, since it will help you be ready for the new era. How do they do this? By saying that they already are. The logic in this is that if they are ready for the new era with DuMont televisions, then you should be too. Once you’re ready to embrace this new and wonderful technology, the future is here for you and you are ready for the new era. So why not go ahead and buy it, since DuMont won’t be here in fifty years anyway?

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