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The Power of Real Reason

Reason is a great thing. It happens between rational people. It is designed to convince people.

Reason happens when you have the knowledge to make an argument. It is fair. It is just.

Reason does not occur when you don’t bring all your evidence forth. Without using your evidence properly, all you are is a talking point that anyone can ignore.

Reason does not occur when all you do is insist you are right. Evidence is paramount.

Patriotism is not reason. Patriotism is strong belief and pride that encourages you to do what you consider best for your country. Obviously, some things can never be patriotic (such as killing another citizen). Patriotism is best when combined with reason. When you have an argument to do something, your patriotism is strongest. However, patriotism ought not ever to be used alone. Otherwise, it will lead to simple blind belief in one’s country without considering any of the great debates of the day. That will lead to arrogance, and pride, and both arrogance and pride come before a fall.

So never use patriotism without your reason. Otherwise it could ruin you.

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