The value of Cricket

Zain Nensey
Week Seven, Entry #3

I honestly do not know not know what to talk about this week, because a lot has happened, especially in Pakistan. For example, Pakistan’s cricket coach was murdered on Monday after his Pakistan side suffered a shock loss to Ireland in the World Cup, eliminating them from advancing past the first [...]

Our Image in the Rest of the World

Zain Nensey
Week 7, Entry #2

It is most definitely important for Americans to be knowledgeable about the rest of the world. We now live in a day and age where any thing people might do in one part of the world might cause severe repercussions in another part of the world. For example, let’s say that [...]

My Spring Break

Zain Nensey
Week Seven, Entry 1

My spring break was a very relaxing, yet productive spring break. Most of my mornings were devoted to studying, but we always went out during the afternoon. The first Monday of spring break, we went to the Florida Aquarium, which I have never been to before. I rather enjoyed the opportunity [...]