Our Image in the Rest of the World

Zain Nensey
Week 7, Entry #2

It is most definitely important for Americans to be knowledgeable about the rest of the world. We now live in a day and age where any thing people might do in one part of the world might cause severe repercussions in another part of the world. For example, let’s say that we had bothered helping Afghanistan recover after the Soviet Union left after their defeat there. At that point in time, the Americans were highly regarded by many people in the country for several reasons. First off, they had helped the mujahedeen by providing weapons to resist the Soviet occupiers. Second, the Americans themselves had formed alliances with many governments in the region, so people were supportive because their government was supported by a superpower. Of course, after the Americans left, the power struggles began. The Northern Alliance at that time was as bad as the Taliban, heavily predicated in Wahabism, and not at all the diverse coalition it is now. It was this hostile atmosphere that caused terrorists like Osama bin Laden to take root. If the Americans had known more about that part of the world, it would improve our image there because we would know how to treat the people there and not simply ignore what they want. The reason the United States is not liked currently is because our government acts like the people in countries like Iraq do not know what’s best for them. If we bothered asking the people in these countries what they wanted, maybe we would actually get results.

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