Here we go

Alright everyone, today is the day it all comes together. George Selvie. Pat White. The two players who will have to make plays to limit the other’s chances to win. Matt Grothe. The West Virginia Defense. The Indispensables for this. If Matt Grothe can run wild, the Bulls will win. Mike Jenkins. Darius Reynaud. One will have to shut down or blow up the other because WVU has no other decent WR. Ben Moffitt. Steve Slaton. Two of the best in the Big East go at it one more time for all the marbles. Noel Devine. Mike Ford. The future. Amarri Jackson. The WVU secondary. One man’s last chance to show he deserves a shot at the next level against one of the finest defenses the country has to offer. Bull Speed. Mountaineer Speed. One will have to contain the other when the WVU offense comes onto the field against the USF Defense. Jim Leavitt. Rich Rodriguez. Two of the coaches who have brought the Big East to new heights. Wally Burnham. The West Virginia offense. He is the only man who has managed to design a game plan that stopped this offense. Can he do it again? Greg Frey. Rod Smith. Two coaches who defected. Will they give WVU insight into how to stop the players on the USF offense? Bulls fans. Mountaineer fans. Who will be louder? Me. You. Everyone. Raymond James Stadium is sold out on a Friday night. Will you be here? I will.

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