Game Review Analysis

Week 4 Make Up Blog Entry 2

Seeing that one of my favorite games is Command&Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, had a lot of reviews, I decided to take one of the better known videogame reviewers, The prime fallacy that seemed to occur in the review was the lack of a main point. For example, the [...]

Violence on USF’s Campus

Week 4 Make Up Entry 1

I, for one, have never had to worry about the problem of violence on USF’s campus. I personally feel safe while I am on campus. Of course, I don’t live on campus, so I can’t say for certain that I’m saying something true. I remember once last semester where we [...]

Off-topic- always going for the best

I always wondered why people live for the best they can. No one is ever satisfied with what they have, although it is for various reasons. People who are successful in their businesses attempt to expand their business until they can’t handle it any more. Sports teams always look to find the best combination [...]

My Major- My life

Week 9, Entry 2

Another semester, almost gone. It is kind of sad at this point, but hey, what can you do? I plan on majoring in accounting because it will only take four to five years and then I can start earning decent amounts of money. That in itself is a good thing, plus I [...]

Writing with Style

Week 9, Entry 1

I found this semester that the style book itself is a very useful resource, especially in constructing sentences. Frankly, I always heard in high school about how it was always good to vary your sentence structure to create more variety in the paper you were writing. I suppose that to some extent, [...]

Why do we do it?

Week 8, Entry #3
It seems that we always are competing to prove ourselves. I admit to doing so myself. Recently, I had some really good grades that I showed to my grandfather, because he had been nagging me about my study habits. Does anyone else do this? Some feedback would be nice.

A New Era… Fifty Years Ago

Week 8, Entry 2

The message of this ad- get ready for a new era of communications, because it’s coming, and it’s coming fast. The people who made this ad are trying to appeal to everyone by making a claim that soon, television will be spread throughout this world, and it will change the way in [...]

A Poem about living

Zain Nensey
Week 8. Entry 1

This poem’s message is most definitely about living life as an ordinary person. No one but the people who know an ordinary person know about this ordinary person. They live life, repeating the cycle of people in years past- grow up, get a job, get married, and go on in their [...]