A Poem about living

Zain Nensey
Week 8. Entry 1

This poem’s message is most definitely about living life as an ordinary person. No one but the people who know an ordinary person know about this ordinary person. They live life, repeating the cycle of people in years past- grow up, get a job, get married, and go on in their ways. That is the first and foremost point of this poem. The poem seems to have a theme of inevitability, which is in line with how the poem is talking about. “Anyone” lives. They fall in love with “someone”. “Everyone” falls in love with “someone”. They constantly build towards a future, a future of easy living. Then they “reap what they sow”, and go along their way to the end. For something so simple, it seems incredibly meaningful, because it reveals a potential. People are ordinary. When they diverge from this path, then they are no longer ordinary- they are outside ordinary. The potential is there to become one way or the other. People will care about someone who is outside the ordinary because they are now unique. Some people say that everyone is unique, and in some ways, everyone is unique because they all have their own ways of navigating life. However, the means of navigation are often defined by society in some way. Some people are incredibly lazy, and they get through life on the backs of others, or perhapse not at all. Some people are workaholics, and these people get through life on their own. But they do not diverge from an ordinary path. To diverge from this path requires an element of difference. For example, let’s couple that workaholic with a talent for making things happen on the fly. That may result in a Hall of Fame athlete, or perhaps a skill for debate in the public forum. How about if we take that incredibly lazy person and make them the only survivor of a plane crash? People can change, they just need a medium to do so.

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