My Spring Break

Zain Nensey
Week Seven, Entry 1

My spring break was a very relaxing, yet productive spring break. Most of my mornings were devoted to studying, but we always went out during the afternoon. The first Monday of spring break, we went to the Florida Aquarium, which I have never been to before. I rather enjoyed the opportunity to do so, especially because they had sharks- I’ve never seen sharks before. The next day was even more fun, because that afternoon we went out fishing by the Sunshine Skyway. My brother got the biggest catch, although it wasn’t match, just a small barracuda. My father and I caught several fish, and my dad’s friend, who invited us, managed to catch a decent eight pound fish which we didn’t know the name of. The next day was not too bad either, considering we went go-carting (although it is far too expensive), but the day after was the best by far. That Thursday afternoon, we left to go visit some good friends in Ft. Lauderdale. I finally got to play on a Nintendo Wii. I have wanted to get one for several months, but probably will not until summertime. The Saturday night before we were to leave was not a packing night though- that night we went to a Pakistani concert with a rather legendary Pakistani singer called Munni Begum. She is an icon on the level of the Beatles in Pakistan, so it was rather impressive that she would come to such a small gathering (only about one hundred people. She normally has crowds numbering in the thousands). So all in all, it was a rather enjoyable spring break, even if we didn’t go on any tourist trips.

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