End of Summer Update

Hello anyone who follows this blog. It’s been a while since I last posted. That said, it’s the end of summer and I’ve decided to keep up a regular posting of once a week or so. Now the issue I’m going to talk about this week is pretty important to me. As it has happened, the primaries are going to start early on next year for both sides of the presidential election. I have joined the campaign of Dennis Kucinich, a guy who call far to the left, but is actually pretty mainstream for a Democrat. Now, some of his views I do not agree with, but the ones I do agree with are important. First, he wants a full withdrawal from Iraq. He would do this and then get a UN peacekeeping force in there. Other than Bill Richardson, no one has endorsed this view. Next up, He plans to take $75 Billion out of the bloated defense budget and use that money for education and healthcare. Third, he wants to create a department of peace. Now, I realize some of you might be confused as to what he plans to do with this. The Peace department would be intended as an instrument of social change that would engender helping people learn to find nonviolent solutions to situations rather than fighting. This would help reduce the amount of violent crimes and such. I believe that he is truly a remarkable man for doing this. Yes, so he’s a liberal. But he’s a liberal who has the right ideas. If anyone is reading this, I ask you to join with me. Thanks.

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