Writing with Style

Week 9, Entry 1

I found this semester that the style book itself is a very useful resource, especially in constructing sentences. Frankly, I always heard in high school about how it was always good to vary your sentence structure to create more variety in the paper you were writing. I suppose that to some extent, it was that because the paper could not always be a series of simple sentences. The lesson on shape was a good example of how to make those sentences flow better. However, the presentations themselves were not always the best. Admittedly, the ones early on were pretty good and I learned a lot of useful information from them. However, as the semester drew on, it seemed that the presentations were more a lesson in how to fix technological issues than actual style presentations. I feel like that at times, people were rehashing what was said in the last lesson instead of coming up with a different look on how to improve writing. It is not that this in itself was always bad, but I go to class to learn something new, not to find out something I already knew. That is something I hope to accomplish in my English course next year.

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