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USF vs. West Virginia

The country lately has been talking a lot about the West Virginia vs. South Florida matchup. They have a right to, it’s a marquee game and it’s a big test for both teams. However, I don’t see it as just a big test for the teams. I see it as a test for both schools. Why? It will test the loyalty of students at both schools, to see how truly dedicated they are as fans of this team. I’ve personally followed USF since I was a high school student in 2004 and I enjoy reading about them. But this is different. How many people will jump off the USF bandwagon if they lose this week? How many people will jump onto the bandwagon if USF wins this week? It’s an honest concern. The stadium is sold out this week and the school itself designated 4000 more seats for the game. I don’t think I’ll doubt the student’s passion. I’ve been to a few games and they’re always the loudest fans in the stadium. The real question is everyone else. This could be a game where a large section of the stadium is WVU fans, and who wants to hear them cheering at a Bulls home game? Certainly no one who supports the Bulls. I want to be able to hear nothing but cheers when George Selvie puts Pat White on the ground. I want to hear boos when West Virginia scores a touchdown. The Bulls have come a long way. But a game like this will test how far the fans have come as well.

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  • Casey

    HOPEFULLY you weren’t disappointed. I know that this game was ABSOLUTELY the best game I’ve been to. NO one sat down the entire time, and any little yardage picked up was treated like a touchdown! The most exciting thing about the entire game was that the ONLY touchdown by WVU was made in the 3rd quarter under weak circumstances. I don’t think USF fans have ever been this riled up about a football game to date, but it definitely won’t be the last. This season is definitely the start of something great for our practically infant program. I know this game put us at #1 in the Big East and more than likely will boost us very close (if not completely into) the Top Ten nationally. GOOOOO BULLS!

  • The Bulls are my favorite!!!!!!

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